Soundarya Lahari Sloka

Monday, July 31, 2006

Soundarya Lahari Sloka - Sree cakra – the effect of kundalini sakti - 03

10. Sree Sakku baai from Pandareepura:-

In India, the sacred land, there is a saying about the holy places linking with the divine consciousness in different levels thus :-
Annabrahma is jagannath puri
Taarakabrahmam is kaasi
Poornabrahmam is tiruppati
Naadabrahmam is pandaripura.

Even today if you go to the pandaripura, you hear naadabrahma bhajans and songs from various corners - it is told. The sound coming from the jaalra with the bhajans confirm this saying.
Pandarinatha came to her rescue when she was tied by her husband mitrurao not allowing her to go to the ekaadasi festival. But to the surprise of mitrurao, pandarinatha came to her rescue and untied her and allowed her to go to the function. Also, pandarinatha took the form of sakkubai and asked sakkubai to tie her. Pandarinatha taking the form of sakkubai changed the mind of her husband by acting as his wife and did miracle. Sakkubai with her husband both became staunch devotees of pandarinatha and they propagated the god principle and devotion around the place.

11. Sree Meera baai – from Udaipur/mewaar

In Udaipur, there is a temple where there is the idol/deity of Sri Krishna and Meera baai together in ecstasy [divine] state.
(This represents the naayaka naayakee bhava- Meera baai considered herself as naayaka and Sri Krishna as naayaka with full divinity.)
The songs of Meera baai are the ones which induce divine bhakti even for people belonging to other religions.
When Meera baai found it difficult to live in the midst of the difficult country, when the king and others were blaming her, she found no other course of action except to drink poison and leave her life; but to the surprise of the king and all around, they found the idol of Sri Krishna was turning to be bluish in color thereby saving Meera baai and the king and others become blessed to find out the bhakti of Meera baai and the value of true devotion.
She ends her devotional poems with the heart throbbing lines :-
“Meera kahe bina prem se naheem mile nandalaalaa”.

12. Sree Bosala baavaa - from paalkaadu near pandareepura.

The great poet from tamilnadu bharatiyaar said thus :-

“Uzhavukkum thozhilukkum vandanai seyvom”
For the farming and work we bow.
The farmer depends for his sowing and farming – the blessing from god and the rain. Even if anybody else is naastika, the farmer can not be !
In such a farmer caste was born the divine bhakta called Bosala baavaa.
Bosala baavaa got the blessings of the divine god and goddess in the form of an elderly couple to bless him even when he found only some pieces of chola maavu to feed them though earlier he had fed to all around the place with his rich food from his farming. But to his surprise he found that the chola maavu was returned to him to be given to his partner in house and others by the couple – that which was returned by the couple was rich and more in quantity and hence baava got upset – but by the time the couple disappeared and he found that it was the leela of the god and goddess to test his patience and bhakti in which he fully succeeded with full titikshaa which rarely other bhaktas even have.


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