Soundarya Lahari Sloka

Monday, May 08, 2006

Soundarya Lahari Sloka -39

[Kaameswari in Swaadhishthaana-cakra]
[to see in dream what you have thought]

Tava swaadhishthaane hutavaha-madhishthaaya niratam
Tameede samvartam janani mahateem taam ca samayaam
Yadaaloke lokaan dahati mahasi krodha-kalite
Dayaardraa yaa drishtih sisira-mupacaaram racayati

Janani – Oh! Goddess!
Tava - your
swaadhishthaane - swaadhishthaana-cakra
hutavaham - agni-tatwa
adhishthaaya - meditating [on that]
niratam - shining with brilliance always
Tam samvartam - that kaalaagni roopa rudra also
eede - I pray to
taam mahateem - that great
samayaam ca - samayaa [or candrakalaa sakti] named you also
Yadaaloke - rudra’s which eye sight or look
lokaan - worlds
dahati - when burns to powder, then
mahasi - agni
krodha-kalite - growing due to anger
yaa dayaardraa drishtih - that, your kind karunaamaya dhrishti
sisira-mupacaaram - cool welcome
racayati - makes

Oh! Goddess! I meditate on the Swadishthaana cakra with Agni Tatwa or fire god, and in
that, the kaalaagni roopa Rudra with continuous brilliance, and you the great
samayaa or candra kalaa devi and bow to you. When Rudra’s look with the agni which
destroys the whole world, then your cool look gives great comfort to those, who are your

From Vaayu, Agni appears. The abode of Agni is Swaadhisthaana Cakra. This is six petal lotus. Here, you have to meditate with Siva as ‘samvartakeswarar’ and Sakti as ‘Samayaa’ as surrounded by 62 taijasa mayookha, and do upaasana.

In India the place earmarked for this agni tatwa is Tiruvannamalai and the main deity is tejolinga.

When the kaalaagni rudra opens his third eye and burns the whole world, the devi called samayaa, offers her cool look on the world especially on those who are devoted. When Manmatha [or kaamadeva] was destroyed by rudra to ashes, devi gives him blessings and gets him the sookshma sareera which his counterpart Rati alone can see and interact with.

Lalita Sahasra Naama – 84 refers –
"Hara netraagni sandagdha kaama sanjeevanaudhaye namah"

The utpatti and destruction of the prapanca are only the two bhaavaas or like the two sides of a coin – such a knowledge the devotee is able to understand and assimilate and he knows that the destruction is not actually destruction of the materials but his own bad qualities of the mind and the evils in the world, retaining the good or converting the evil to good. And the devotee
understands that the destruction and generation are the continuous processes going on for ever and it is due to maayaa and he is lifted from his normal worldly thought to the divine jnaana. So far, the devotee was thinking that the happiness was available only from worldly material and things and now his vision is directed introvert and he understands that the real happiness is not at all available in the world and its objects but is his original form and he gets rid of the unhappiness and sorrow for ever and becomes yogya for getting divine knowledge is directed to change his mode of life in such a way that he increases his threshold value of the stress and strain and is able to bear the pin pricks of life and develops titikshaa and in due course he corrects his erroneous knowledge and thereby the ignorance veiling him vanishes and so knowledge comes as udayasoorya or the rising sun which removes the darkness all on a sudden and; and so is liberated and becomes a jnaani and he in turn can give happiness to the whole world – as referred by the Mundaka Upanishad :-

"Sa veda yetad paramam brahma dhaama
Yatra viswam nihitam bhaati subhram
Upaasate purusham ye hi akaamaah
Te sukram yetad ativartanti dheeraah"


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