Soundarya Lahari Sloka

Monday, April 17, 2006

Soundarya Lahari Sloka -29

[ Devi welcomes Paramasiva ]
[ prasavaarishta nivritti-]
[ attracting even the deadly enemies ]

Kireetam vairaincam pariharapurah kaitabha bhidah
Kathore kotheere skalasi jahi jambhaari makutam
Pranamreshweteshu prasabhamupayaatasyabhavanam
Bhavasyaabhyuthaane tava parijanokti vijayate

Kireetam - crown
vairaincam - Lord Brahma’s
parihara - come off from [without hitting or hindering]
purah - appearing in front
kaitabha bhidah - Lord Vishnu’s [the killer of Kaitabhaasura]
one who removes the devilish qualities in us
Kathore - very strong
kotheere - on the crown
skalasi - you are going to hit against [but don’t do it]
jahi - come off [ from the crowns of Brahma, Vishnu, Indra ] so saying
jambhaari - Lord Indra’s
makutam - crown
Pranamreshu - while [ Brahma, Vishnu, Indra ] bowing to you
yeteshu - these people [ Brahma, Vishnu, Indra ]
prasabham - with anxiety
upayaatasya - coming
bhavanam - your house
Bhavasya - seeing Lord Parama - Siva
abhyutthaane - when you are approaching and going
tava - your
parijana uktih - the words uttered by your friends
vijayate - the ghosha or words of bravery comes

Oh ! SupremeGoddess ! Amma !

you come without hitting Lord Brahma’s crown who is prostrating in front of you;
you are going to hit against Lord Vishnu’s [the killer of Kaitabhaasura ] crown [ who is prostrating to you ].

You come away from Lord Indra’s crown [who is prostrating toyou ]-

so say your colleagues when Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu, Lord Indra are praying you [ with danda namaskaara ] on seeing you welcoming Lord Sadaa-Siva who is approaching you, your friend’s words come as [bravery] ghosha.

[ this means that all the devaas are prostrating goddess with their head and crown touching devi’s ( akhila loka naayika – paraa bhattaarika ) divine lotus feet ].

In the picture we discussed earlier in one of the sloka of this Soundarya Lahari, we have referred about the picture called Sree Baalaa Tripura Sundari wherein we referred that the four legs of the manca [ cot ] of the goddess has four legs which are represented by
Lord Brahma,

LordVishnu, Lord Iswara and Lord Rudra. And the top of the cot is Sadaa-Siva.

{the same is also referred in the Lalita Sahasra Naama}

The five Lords are doing their duties –

Brahma does the creation process –
Vishnu does the maintenance process –
Rudra does the destruction process – and
iswara does the tirodhaana and
Sadaa Siva does the blessing [ anugraha ] process for the devotees.

All these devaas are acting according to your order only;

without you, they are inert or action-less.

The Goddess is described in the Lalitaa Sahasra Naama as –

Pancabrahma swaroopini
(who is acting with five specific different names and forms )
Brahma roopa
(acts as brahma)
Shrishti kartree
(does creation or generation)
Govinda roopini
(acts as Vishnu)
(does organization or maintenance)
Rudra Roopaa
(acts as Rudra)
(acts as eeswara or eesaana)
(who is not seen with our naked eyes or sense organs or mind or intellect )
Sadaa sivaa
(the supreme consciousness the total macro action form to bless devotees)
(to bless devotees)
Panca kritya paraayanaa
(who does the five specific acts )
Panca preta mancaadisaayini
(possessing the manca of five bodies
(which are inactive without your presence)

as four legs and the top of cot )


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