Soundarya Lahari Sloka

Monday, October 16, 2006

Soundarya lahari - sree chakra - 01

aum amriteswaryai namah
Attached is the picture of sricakra. The sricakra is our body as vyashti and as samashti it is the whole world.
This is the yantra for the mantra called panca dasa akshari mantra which is:
ka ye ee la hreemha sa ka ha la hreemsa ka la hreem

This is the most sacred mantra and given to us by the great saint agasthya which was given to him by goddess supreme herself in the presence of the great GOD Haya griva. Refer Sri lalita trisati for more details. This pancha dasa akshari mantra is what is used by Devi Upasakas.

This is the abode of goddess supreme called Tripura Sundari or Lalitaambika . This is also called as the body of the Goddess supreme.
Just like Sri Lalitaambika is containing in herself all other gods and goddesses, And takes care of all the gods and goddesses in all their functions like srishti sthiti and laya, Sricakra contains in itself all other cakras what are all available in the world.

Hence this is called as Raja or the king of all cakras or Sri Cakra Raja. Refer the beautiful song below composed by the great saint Agasthia, who is responsible for giving us the great Lalita Sahasra Nama and Lalita Trisati [the song will be available in the next three lessons of Sri Cakra]


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