Soundarya Lahari Sloka

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Soundarya lahari –sloka12

Soundarya lahari –sloka12
Uncomparable beauty of Goddess - Supreme
[Siva Saayujyam, a dumb person to speak]

Twadeeyam soundaryam tuhinagirikanye tulayitum
Kaveendraa: kalpante kathamapi virinci-prabhrutaya:
Yadaalokaustukyaa-damaralalana yaanti manasaa
Tapobhi rdushpraapaamapi girisa – saayujya – padaveem

Twadeeyam - your
soundaryam - beauty
tuhinagirikanye - the daughter of himavaan
tulayitum - to compare
Kaveendraa: - the great poets
kalpante - try to imagine – but not able to do so
kathamapi - somehow or other
virinci-prabhrutaya: - even the great gods saraswativallabha brahma etc
Yad aaloka austukyaa-d - decided to enjoy that beauty
amaralalana - even the deva-women wanted to see that beauty with the eye of Lord Paramasiva
yaanti - get
manasaa - by mind
Tapobhi: - by penance
Dush-praapaam api - even though impossible, but still
girisa – saayujya – padaveem - the abode of Parama Siva Saayujya [the Pure Consciousness]
Oh! Goddess Supreme! The Divine Daughter of Himavaan!

The great poets - the great gods including saraswativallabha brahma etc
try to imagine [but not able to do so] and to compare your beauty with anything and everything in the world; even the deva-women like Rampa, Urvasi, Tilottama, Menaka wanted to see that beauty with the eye of Lord Paramasiva; they decided to enjoy that beauty though impossible, but still try to do it by getting the mind purified by penance.
Since, it is possible to enjoy the beauty of Goddess, only with the eyes of Lord Parama –Siva, the divine women try to get that eye by prayers to Lord Paramasiva, to bless them with His eyes for enjoying the beauty of Goddess, and thereby get the saayujya position.
One can ask the Gods, by praying to bestow any one of the following four qualifications:-
Saarupya mukti (that mukthi in which a devotee gets the form of the Goddess), Saameepya mukti (here the devotee stays nearby with the Goddess), Saalokya mukti (here the devotee lives in the land where Goddess lives) and Saayujya mukti (this is real mukti where the devotee merges into the Goddess)
Refer in this context, the sloka in Lalita Sahasra Nama –
Om mahaa laavanya sevadhaye nama:


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