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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Soundarya Lahari Sloka -3

Soundarya Lahari Sloka -3
[Paadadhooli gives mukti, Sarva-vidyaa-praapti]

Avidyanam antas-timira-mihira-dweeppa-nagari
Jadanam chaitanya-stabaka-makaranda-sruti jhari
Daridranam cinta-mani-gunanika janma-jaladhau
Nimadhanam damshtra mura-ripu-varahasya bhavati.

Avidyaanaam – For ignorant people
Antas-timira - for the darkness inside
which is due to ignorance
mihira dweepanagaree - is the town of sun’s rising place

[avidyaanaam – the ignorant are not ready to reconcile for anything, they are not open minded; these people fall in group -1].

Jadaanaam - for people like caarvaakaas
caitanya-stabaka-makaranda srutijharee
- flow of honey flowing from the fruit
- stem with fruits made of makaranda or

[jadaanaam – Caarvaakaas, those, who have full faith in modern science, but no faith in Vedanta philosophy – they fall in group - 2].

Amma used to say – the problem with many is that their intellect or buddhi has developed too much [extrovert], but the heart is not developed;
Hanuman Calisa – a very popular sloka sung by the great poet Tulasidas,
says –
buddhi heena tanu jaanike, sumirau pavana kumara
bala buddhi viddhyaa dehu mohi harahu kalesa vikaara
meaning – budhdhi, intellect without intellectual conviction, is heena – destructive, hence to get rid of it, remember Pavana kumara or [Sri Rama Bhakta] Hanuman to get blessings of Lord Sri Ramacandra murthy – the pure consciousness in our heart of hearts, who will give Bala, Buddhi, Viddhya, who ever wants to get any of these.
a tamil song goes like this –
tuni velukka mannundu engal muthumari
manam velukka vazhiyillaiye engal muthumari
Even in spite of possessing the capability to analyze the mind properly, these people keep their minds shut, but will get the chance to open it by the Advaita Makaranda by the Grace of Goddess when they become deserved, in due course
of time.
Daridraanaam - for the poor
cintaamanigunanika - cintamani-garland which bestows all that you wants possessing the quality of that of the cintaamani

cintaamani is a jewel which like syamantaka mani which was possessed by Satraajit, the father of Sathyabhama; it is capable of giving money, materials and whatever is wanted. Goddess - devi’s mayabeeja is called HREEM also called cintamanibeejam, which will bestow blessings on a person unaware of, like Kaalidasa the great poet who was transformed from the level of a cowherd to that of a very famous poet, or like Sudarsana who has got the tremendous blessings of Lord Krishan so as to occupy Lord’s hands.
In the Stotra – Lalita Trisati, out of 300 lines, 60 lines start with letter hreem which is the secret behind that sloka which bestows for a person who chants it gets moksha even or the level of ciranjeevi like the great Sage Agasthya.

[daridraanaam - the poor people who are innocent and ignorant fall under
group – 3].

janmajaladau - in the ocean of samsara
Nimagnaanaam - for those who are immersed
muraripu-varaahasya - of that of the aadivarahamurthy who is avataara of Lord Vishnu

[muran was an asura who was killed by Vishnu, ripu means
damshtraa - the dreadful teeth
bhavati - become

[for those who are immersed in samsara saagara and not ready to give deaf ear to the rishis or mahatmas or avatars or scriptures, they fall under group – 4].

Oh! Goddess! The sacred dust from your Divine Lotus Feet for those [ajnaani] with avidya or ignorance, serves as the divine island of the Sun God who removes the darkness of night instantaneously. For them, it will remove their ignorance unawareof, and bestow infinite bliss.

For those, who are like caarvaakas, who trust in modern science but do not have faith in Vedanta philosophy, the sacred paadaa dhooli will serve as the flow of honey flowing from the fruit stem with fruits made of caitanya; For the poor, it serves as the chintamani-garland which bestows all that is wanted;

For those, who are immersed in the ocean of samsara, it becomes the dreadful teeth of that of the aadivarahamurthy who is avataara of Vishnu.

[All the groups are moving to the path of self-realization, since every one in the world is having the primary goal of permanent happiness, though he is not aware of the same, just like the deer which goes in search of the divine smell coming from its own comb goes on searching and searching or like the dog which happened to get a bone goes on biting it till it’s teeth starts bleeding only in the end it is able to find out the same; all other aims like getting married, getting children, getting a house, getting job, getting promotion etc are all only temporary goal].

Nobody can escape from the blessings [permanent happiness] of the ever merciful Goddess, though it may take many years or janmaas, for which the Goddess may to resort to the four steps of Saama,Daana,Bheda and Danda]. This is referred in Mundakopanishad mantra 3-2-8 like this -

Yatha nadya: syandamaanaa: samudre
astam gacchanti naamaroope vihaaya
tathaa vidwaan naamaroopaadvimukta:
paraatparam purushamupaiti divyam

When the rivers are reaching the sea, they lose name and form but become one with the sea. Similarly vidwaan reaches the state of Tripura Sundari, or Purushottama, when he leaves name and form, becomes full, in himself.

What Aacaarya Sri Aanandagiri has referred that Vaishnavi mantra and Nandikeswara mantra are included in this sloka.


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